Our goal for Christmas 2018:

A tailor-made bicycle for Bartek from Kalisz, Poland

Progress towards our goal

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2 January 2019

Raise for Bartek's bicycle update!

Due to the fact that we are still missing funds to achieve the total goal for Bartek’s bicycle, we are prolonging the raise until the end of January 2019! Feel free to donate and support us! The result as of today is 1 347 Euro, which is 58% of the goal.


31 December 2018

Result of the raise at the end of 2018!

The total result at the end of 2018 is 1 248 Euro, which is 54% of the goal. We want to thank you all for every donation. Thanks to your beautiful hearts and amazing support we will be able to make Bartek’s dream come true! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

14 December 2018

Santa Run in Haarlem

We did it! We run 6 km in Santa Run in Haarlem! Thank you so much for all your support and donations! Thanks to you we have now 50% of the goal which is 1162 Euro! We are thankful for your kindness and generosity!

30 November 2018

Auction of hand-made logo of Warsaw football club LEGIA - update.

We promised that the auction for a handmade LEGIA Warsaw football team sing will be finished by 30th of November 2018, however due to technical issues with FB post, we have to prolong the auction until the end of January 2019. We apologize for the inconvenience and invite people to share the auction and bid under the post.

5 November 2018

Auction of hand-made logo of Warsaw football club LEGIA has begun!

Auction for a handmade LEGIA Warsaw football team sing has begun. The sign was donated by Michał! Thank you so much for his kindness. To take part and bid, please visit our FB page. The auction will last until the end of 30 November 2018!

25 October 2018

Auction of Szymon Sobczak football T-shirt is closed!

The auction by Szymon Sobczak for a football t-shirt is closed and we have a winner: Jasiek Smolen! Thank you once again for all the donations and support! Thanks to the auction we collected €55.

18 October 2018

Auction of football T-shirt donated from Szymon Sobczak!

And once more! Our brilliant cousin, Szymon Sobczak, who supports Alicia’s World foundation every single year, decided to donate his football t-shirt. The auction will last until 23 of October 2018. All the fans are more than welcome to join! Check out Szymon’s FB page for more details.

12 October 2018

€220 in 2 days! Amazing result!

We are amazed how fantastic the donation is going this year! 2 days after opening the donation pages and we collected already €220! A massive thank you for every donation! Keep up the good spirit!

10 October 2018

Donation for tailor-made bicycle for Bartek is confirmed

Our new goal for Christmas 2018 is known! This year we will collect money for a tailor-made bicycle for Bartek from Kalisz. We decided to support Bartek as he is a part of our family and he is an amazing human being. Since he was 3 years old he is on a wheelchair, but this did not stop him from being an active young man who loves sports. Moreover, we will support Children’s Home in Kalisz by offering children free eye consultation.

3 February 2018

Thank You Diploma from Children's Home in Kalisz

We received a beautiful thank you diploma from the Children’s Home in Kalisz, which we supported in the end of 2017. The diploma is a thank you to all the people who supported and donated towards our 2017 goal. We are so happy we could make a difference in their lives.

1 January 2018

End result for winter camp for children in Children’s Home in Kalisz

Now when all the online donation portals are closed as well as the auction, we can sum up our 2017 fundraising for the winter camp for children in Children’s Home in Kalisz. All together, we raised € 1398! What an amazing result. Thank you all for donating, supporting, sharing and all your good will to help.


31 December 2017

Auction Closed - Midnight

This year’s final bid was €71! Signed T-shirt found a new owner. Thank you all for taking part in the auction. Do not worry if you did not win the T-shirt, next year we will be back.

24 December 2017

Auction for Charity

We started our auction. Thanks to Szymon Sobczak we could offer a signed T-shirt of his football team: TS Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała. Thank you so much Szymon for your support!

15 December 2017

Santa Run in Haarlem, Netherlands

We just ran 6 km in cosy and Christmasy Santa’s costumes! We ran in the most iconic and beautiful area in Haarlem in The Netherlands. The atmosphere was great. A lot of people with great attitude. What a fantastic feeling afterwards.

27 November 2017

Article About Our Christmas Charity On Nasze Miasto

A news article has been published on Kalisz – Naszemiasto.pl to support Alicia’s World for her action of Children’s Home Kalisz.

16 October 2017

Pool Tournament Ireland; Beginning Of A Success

On Saturday October 14, Michał Szczepanski organised a pool tournament in Castleisland in Ireland in the local bar ‘Fagin’s’. In the end of the evening, the tournament collected €50. Michal was very excited and would like to organise more, what his plan is, is not known yet.

Thank you Michał and we are looking forward what else will come!

9 October 2017

Help Donating For Children's Home Kalisz

We already have some great events in order to achieve our €2350 for the Children’s Home in Kalisz. Do you have an activity that you would like to add to this goal or do you have any other ideas, please let us know!

6 October 2017

Donation For Children's Home Kalisz Confirmed

Our new goal for Christmas 2017 is known! This year we will collect money for a Children’s Home in Kalisz (Dom Dziecka w Kalisz) takes care of 40 children and during Christmas we would like to appreciate the children who made a great effort last year with a Winter Camp. Read more about our mission with Dom Dziecka in Kalisz.